Tarot Readings

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a fortune teller. The cards are not a crystal ball and I can’t tell you the name of your first child or when you will land that new job. What a reading CAN tell you is what is going on in the present moment in a deep and thorough way, as well as important information about your past and your possible future outcomes.

Tarot is a fun and informative tool that illustrates the themes going on in your life through images and metaphors. Symbols are evocative and say more than words can because they go beyond intellect. And this modality can help you gain insight into your current situation and path ahead. It is a powerful resource that makes the inner journey more fun, interesting, and revealing.

When you hire me for a tarot reading, I will focus on the themes in your life, the energy of your trajectory, and your immediate challenges. The cards are a snapshot of the moment, what is possible on the horizon, and what deeper issues are at play in your current situation.

These readings are memorable experiences that will leave you feeling excited and hopeful about your future.


emily2“Vanessa is an absolutely masterful intuitive.

I reached out to Vanessa for support around my upcoming move to a new city, which had been causing me a great deal of stress and uncertainty. In just one reading, she helped me see exactly what is in my way, as well as lovingly shared with me what simple shifts in my own energy around my move would allow me to create exactly what I want.

I don’t take it lightly to allow someone to read for me, as it’s quite a vulnerable and personal space. Vanessa immediately made me feel safe through her loving and warm energy, checking in with me multiple times, and making sure all of my questions were answered before completing the session.

I highly recommend her work because she has the perfect blend of being gifted with her intuitive connection, as well as having a warm and inviting personality that makes the sacred container feel safe and open. Thank you, Vanessa!”

Emily Utter | emilyutter.com

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