My clients often come to me because the following patterns are holding them back:

  • Despite being intelligent and aware, they often feel frustrated and powerless because there are aspects of their lives that they just can’t get a handle on.
  • They find themselves wondering why they react in certain ways, despite their best efforts to change.

If this sounds like you, you are certainly not alone and you are the reason why I have developed an arsenal of services that can help you break out of these patterns.

We are all driven and influenced by aspects of ourselves that exist beneath the surface. These parts of us that are “unconscious” have an impact on our ability to act, change, connect, relax, create, and so much more. If our deep emotions and beliefs are out of sync with what we want to create in our lives, then we either end up at a standstill (feeling stuck and restless) or we end up heading down a path that isn’t aligned with where we want to go.

It is important that we understand the inner aspects that influence our thoughts and behavior so that we can create different outcomes. When we come more into alignment with our true selves, we are able to consciously cultivate the life we want. When that happens, we can:

  • Avoid getting stuck in the whirlpool of resistance that can frustrate and discourage us.
  • Shift our negative self-talk to an inner dialogue that, while realistic, is also positive and supportive.

This is not wishful thinking or a “say an affirmation and you’re done” kind of practice. This is about deep self-awareness and self-love. It’s amazing what is possible when we engage with our lives from that place of authenticity.

Who doesn’t want a life that is full of wonder, excitement, love, and joy?


It’s time to stop fighting yourself and let the magic in!


Get started today! Here are three ways you can work with me:

Oracle Reading & Spiritual Counseling
If you want clarity on something right now, this is the option for you. We’ll combine an insightful oracle reading with my unique blend of spiritual counseling so that you can move beyond the issue you are having.

Personalized CoachingIf you want lasting transformation once and for all, this is the option for you. I’ll help you to consistently going deeper in your inner work, so that you can truly integrate your learning and awareness and create lasting changes in your life. By making this commitment, you are saying yes to changing your life!

Astrology Reading Curious about what your astrological chart says about you? Whether this is your first reading or if you already have an astrology connection, this can be a fun and informative way to get to know the energies that inform and influence your life.