From the bottom of my heart,
I thank you for being the bright lights that you
are, and for being a part of my life.

AnnieJ“From the very alive place that I stand today, I can say that I was so small before I met Vanessa.

I was living a life shaped by fear, obligation, stagnation, frustration and sadness, and I expected this was the norm. I didn’t know any other way. Given the chance to lie down and let everyone else rise, I would take it.

Over our time together, she gently and repeatedly held space for me to come alive. She saw to my deepest corners and reflected something beautiful and powerful back where I expected there to be ugliness and failure. No matter how I fought the change or what I brought to our sessions, she held me during my fears, confirmed me in my worth, and dreamed with me in my dreams.

Vanessa is a rare combination of deep intelligence grounded in extensive academic and spiritual training, sharp intuition and tremendous caring connection. Her deep knowing and certainty will push you down your authentic path, whatever it is. She’s helped me stand fully in my life and my relationships, and to take full ownership over my dreams, including my new business! Our work together has changed my life forever. If everyone could know Vanessa, our world would be a very different, very magical place. I thank her every day and forever.”

Annie Jefferson | anniejefferson.com

TaraButlerFloch “I’ve been working with Vanessa for three years and she has had a huge impact on my life. I feel more centered, embodied, and joyful than I was before.”

She has helped me navigate through some huge struggles – A major remodel, getting married, fertility struggles, miscarriages, and some huge personal conflicts in relationship. She has amazing compassion and her ability to deeply listen to me and her own intuition has helped me feel seen and heard in a very powerful way. I have found that I navigate through my challenges with far more ease than I used to.

I always leave her office (or our appointments) feeling clearer on what I want and what my next actions will be. I am far more in touch with difficult emotions like anger and judgment. I feel like she evokes my highest self to emerge even during difficult times. She tells me the truth in a loving and compassionate way. I never feel judged and always feel loved. I also love how she brings in her intuition and skills like Tarot reading to deepen our work together.

It helps me access my emotions, thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. Vanessa has been a huge influence on my life and I am forever grateful for the impact she has had on my life!”

Tara Butler Floch | broadviewpreneur.com


“Vanessa listens deeply and is connected to a wide range of ways to “know.”

I have worked with Vanessa numerous times. She’s my go-to girl when there’s a bizarre vortex of events happening or I need deep insight on a decision or direction in my life.

Her intuition is usually spot-on, and she accesses her body, the Tarot, writing, and other energetic forces at work in our world to provide advice, insight and guidance. ”

Frequently, she knows something about my life before I do. And she’s funny, warm, and loving to boot. Call her. You will be glad you did.”

Christina Boyd-Smith | Minneapolis, Minnesota | thecorporaterebel.com


“I have been working with Vanessa for the last 6 months and I can honestly say I have never been this connected to my mental, emotional, and intuitive self.”

“My journey began with news of a traumatic divorce and I was broken with no strategies in place for self-healing. Vanessa had the ear, expertise, and most importantly, the heart to get my life on a new track.

I am now equipped with the tools necessary to flourish both mentally and emotionally. I have a greater self-understanding that provides an incredible sense of empowerment and confidence.

I have witnessed changes to my both my personal and professional life since choosing to make Vanessa my coach. She is incredibly skilled and an important leader on my healthcare team. She has had such a profound impact on my life. I would refer her to anyone in a time of transition, crisis, or in need of a compassionate professional.”

Dr. Daniel McLelland | Walnut Creek, CA


“I knew from the first session that Vanessa was going to have a hugely positive impact on my life”

“I’ve worked with a number of therapists over my lifetime. When I started looking for a therapist last year, I hoped to get help with some issues that have plagued me for many years.

What I value about working with Vanessa is that she has no agenda. With other therapists in the past, I often felt like I had homework to do, hurdles to jump, progress to make. If I didn’t come make big changes I would be disappointing my therapist.

Vanessa doesn’t make me feel this way. The intuitive aspects of her practice are really freeing and rich with possibilities. I look forward to my time with Vanessa as meaningful connection with someone who sticks up for me when I’m bullying myself. She reminds me that I already have the wisdom I need. And she gives me insights and broad knowledge when I’m feeling stuck.

We’ve been working together for a solid year and I feel a deeper connection to myself and more assurance of my own courage now.”

Rachel I. | Santa Rosa, CA


“In my opinion, she gets to the heart of what your soul wants; she has a way to cut through to your essence.”

“I have worked with Vanessa over that last few years, both with 1-1 private coaching sessions and in her support of the Electric Woman leadership course as a guest speaker on the theme of intuition. Vanessa is an intuitive, powerful coach and speaker. Her work taps into the deep part of you that is searching for clarity.

When I had private coaching with Vanessa, I experienced a feeling of calm and serenity through the call, like I had been connected in with my purpose and truth. It was quite remarkable. And I love it when she uses Tarot to inform the coaching. Her tarot readings are truly special, very accurate, and always tell me what I need to hear.

I recommend her to many clients and will continue to do so. She is a special and magical woman, healer, coach, and mystic.”

Nikki Armytage | London | Electric Woman.com