Intuitive Counseling & Coaching

My heart-centered approach is a unique blend of psychology, coaching, and spiritual awareness, which allows me to customize my sessions so that you get the right mix of the modalities that will be most effective for you.

In these sessions, I will help you navigate the subtleties of your emotional life, engage your intuition, and connect with your creativity. This work will deepen your self-awareness so that you can be the conscious creator of your life instead of the unconscious receiver of what is “happening to you.”

This is not just surface work, but deeply-embodied and lasting transformation.

I will help you step back from the constant activity of the mind and see your underlying themes and beliefs. Making changes from this deeper place is where the real magic happens!

These changes will infuse or weave themselves into the fabric of your life. You’ll notice them showing up in your choices, behaviors, and ultimately your overall experience.

  • You’ll find that you navigate situations with more ease and grace.
  • You’ll notice more opportunities coming to you, and they’ll be completely aligned with your authentic purpose.
  • And you’ll feel refreshed as you enjoy the freedom that comes from released emotional blockages.


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